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On Wednesday February 24, 2016 we encourage everyone to practice kindness, and wear a Pink Shirt, button, or pin to symbolize that OSSTF Members do not tolerate bullying.

Resources for Pink Shirt Day

Educator’s Financial – The OSSTF Advantage

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OSSTF Team raises $2200 in support of the Downtown Mission in the Coldest Night Of the Year

It may have actually been the warmest night of the year! It was a wonderful night on Saturday February 21st, the conditions were just right and OSSTF members laced up their shoes and walked 5km in support of the Downtown Mission. All funds raised will support programs and services for Windsor’s homeless at the Mission.  We look forward to seeing many of you next year!! What a great night

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Next Community Outreach- Bowl for Big Brothers Big Sisters12717173_10153925800466303_6724510553987147357_n

Would you like to put together a team from your school/bargaining unit for a little competition? $50 minimum to be raised per bowler.
Come on out and Bowl for Kids Sake…every dollar you raise will support youth mentoring programs in your community! Feb 26 & 27 in the County, and March 4 & 5 in the City. Join us for a fun night out with family, friends, and coworkers all for a great cause. This event is also a fun and exciting team building or staff appreciation event! Register your team today here… . Unable to register a team? Consider making a general donation to the OSSTF-ESS team or one to a person you know….

Provincial Standing Committees and Councils for 2016 / 2017

The application form for Provincial Standing Committees and Councils for 2016 / 2017 is now available on the OSSTF/FEESO website.

Provincial Standing Committees and Councils with vacancies in 2016 / 2017:
Certification Council / Certification Appeal Board
Collective Bargaining Committee
Comité des services en langue française
Communications / Political Action Committee
Educational Services Committee
Finance Committee
Health & Safety / Workplace Safety Insurance Act Committee
Human Rights Committee
Parliamentary and Constitution Council
Status of Women Committee
Members are encouraged to complete the application on-line rather than downloading the application. The on-line form has drown down boxes for quick data entry as well as automated features for submitting copies to both Provincial Office and local Provincial Councillors.
You can also go to the Provincial Council page to view additional information regarding Committees and Councils, including the Statement of Needs (PDF).
The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Applications received after that time will be considered late and applicants will only be considered for appointment if there are insufficient on-time applications for a specific committee or council.


Member Participation Equity Survey

As part of the Member Participation Equity Survey, outlined in the 2014 Annual Action Plan, OSSTF is in the final stage of data collection with an online sample of members.

The Federation has asked the Vector Poll™ to conduct this random sample of members to complete a short, confidential

This information is to advise you that this invitation is being mailed to members last week and will be conducted over the new few weeks.

The survey results will help the Federation leaders better understand the members’ participation in the union and how members feel about Federation services.

OSSTF will receive only a summary of the opinions of members who fill out the survey. No individual’s opinions will be disclosed. The passcode is not linked to a member name when Vector Research counts the opinions.

The Vector Poll™ is a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), the standards setting body for opinion research in Canada. The MRIA website is, where you can see the research industry privacy code.






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Attendance Management Update

Save the Date- New Members Conference

April 29-30th, 2016 A conference for new members with up to 10 years experience. The conference will take place at the International Plaza Hotel. Watch the OSSTF provincial website for more information. Remember we have Individual PD money that members can access of up to $800.00 every other school year.  For more information contact our New Member Engagement Representative Tyler Campbell at Southwood PS.

Attendance Management Update

Kristen, myself and representatives from the OSSTF Teacher bargaining unit met with the Board on Thursday February 4th, 2015 to raise concerns with respect to the implementation of the Attendance Management Program. We raised some very specific issues that we would like the Board to address.

  • We said the BAR was too low and that the average should be reviewed.
  • Proper Communication to members and the union was not received as to when the board would start reviewing the period of absences.
  • 12 rolling months was not the same as 12 calendar months
  • The current Disability Management program does not reflect the new Central Table language and negotiated improvements for our members.

The Board received our concerns and we received a commitment from the Board to reconvene before the end of the month to respond to our concerns. I do feel that the Board did understand that they needed to review the implementation of the program. We will provide updates to the membership as we receive them.


Federation Family Education Fund

(information courtesy of OSSTF website) The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation established this fund to assist financially the children of OSSTF/FEESO members (or deceased members) to obtain their first degree/diploma/certificate or apprenticeship. Ten $1,500 bursaries are available this year. Bursaries are awarded through a lottery process.
The following are the criteria for the Federation Family Education Fund:
The applicant must be a dependent child or ward of a member, or deceased member, of OSSTF/FEESO in good standing.

The applicant must have applied to enter a publicly-funded post-secondary college or university program or an apprenticeship program that includes an academic portion offered through a college.

Interpretation and administration of the terms of this fund are at the discretion of the OSSTF/FEESO Educational Services Committee subject to the approval of the Provincial Executive.

All awards are made conditional upon the recipient being enrolled in the program and proof of tuition paid equal to or greater than the $1,500. It is the responsibility of all successful applicants to ensure that documentation confirming enrollment and paid tuition is received at:

Attn: Karen Metherall
60 Mobile Drive
Toronto ON
M4A 2P3
Only on-line applications will be accepted.

Although one may apply multiple years, applicants may only receive funding in the amount of $1,500 once in a lifetime.Online Application Here

Applications must be received at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office no later than April 15.
Due to the overwhelming number of applicants, only award winners will receive notification in June. The list of winners will be posted by the end of June on the OSSTF/FEESO website as a related link under the Federation Family Education Fund web page and the list will also be published in the Fall issue of Update.


District Council


Open to all Members This is a reminder about the council meeting being held at the District office on Thursday, February 18th at 4:30 p.m 547 Victoria Avenue. Please RSVP to by Thursday, February 11th if you wish to attend in a non-voting capacity.


Paying more than 3.85% interest on your loans and credit cards? You’re paying too much. A low-interest loan or line of credit through Educators can help you consolidate all of that high-interest debt into into one LOW monthly payment. Contact Educator’s Financial.

Kindergarten Registration

Please encourage families to choose the GECDSB for their journey in learning! Our Kindergarten programs are facilitated by excellent Early Childhood Educators and Educational Support Staff and we would be proud to support their children and families in their learning!!




Black History Month, Seniority Lists, PD Opportunities

February Black History Month

OSSTF celebrates Black History Month for the month of February.

Black History Canada is a website developed by the Historica Dominion Institute that provides a multitude of resources to assist educators in integrating the Canadian experience of Black History into their classrooms. Once on the site, be sure to explore beyond the main tabs titled Profiles, Events, Arts and Culture, Timeline and For Teachers.

By clicking on the pictures on the home page you can find links to other websites to discover up-to-date resources on topics such as Black Settlement in Early Canada, Caribbean and African Immigration, Equity and Human Rights, Identity and Assimilation, Urban Centres and Forgotten Stories. (courtesy of OSSTF Website)

Watch a Video from CBC The National filmed at Windsor’s Herman Secondary School


Seniority Lists

Seniority Lists are now posted on the OSSTF-ESS Team Site. Check the tabs on the left hand side of the screen of the team site to verify your date. Please advise us of any errors and/or omissions.

Professional Development Opportunitiesimages.jpg

OSSTF has negotiated a Professional Development fund for members. It is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Members are eligible for up to $800.00 every other school year to use towards Self Directed Professional Development. If you would like to attend a workshop, please visit the OSSTF-ESS Team site and download the forms and guidelines. Please send completed requests to my attention via the courier. Please be sure to read the guidelines, as no exceptions are made to the deadline that the applications must be received at least one month in advance of the beginning of the workshop. Click below to go to the OSSTF website for more information about upcoming workshops.

External Conferences and Workshops


Provincial Council

Provincial Council is a meeting of Bargaining Unit Presidents from across the Province, and it is the the legislative body of OSSTF/FEESO between Annual Meetings.  As a Bargaining Unit President, I attend 6 times per year. This past weekend, Provincial Council met.  After each PC, I will share a few items of interest to members, otherwise a full summary is provided to the OSSTF-ESS Executive at the next scheduled meeting.

Launch of Domestic Violence Online Resource Centre, December 1, 2015 As part of the continued work of the CLC to provide information to union representatives about domestic violence as it impacts the workplace, a new online resource centre has been launched. Hosted by the CLC, a reception was held in Ottawa on December 1, 2015 where five NOP Members of Parliament attended in addition to a number of women’s advocates to review the new online resource. Barb Byers, CLC Secretary-Treasurer and Vicky Smallman, National Director, Women’s and Human Rights, proudly reviewed the new website with those present, including members of the Women’s Advisory Committee. According to the CLC December 6 statement, “Our new resource centre will include tools and strategies for union leaders, representatives and members to help build awareness, break the silence, and improve workplace safety for everyone.” The information can be found at

2016 Summit on Children & Youth Mental Health Online registration is now available for the 20016 summit. The focus of the 2016 summit is Moving from Policy to Practice Through Collaboration. Keynote speaker, Neil Pasricha, Author, The Book of Awesome will be part of the two-day program scheduled for April 7-8, 2016. The summit plans to offer evidence-informed practices, programs, and resources. A highlight for the 2016 summit is the first release of the preliminary results of the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study. Information about the summit has been placed on the OSSTF/FEESO website under the External Conferences and Workshops section.


Provincial Standing Committees and Councils

(Information courtesy of OSSTF)

The application form for Provincial Standing Committees and Councils for 2016 / 2017 is now available on the OSSTF/FEESO website.

Provincial Standing Committees and Councils with vacancies in 2016 / 2017:

  • Certification Council / Certification Appeal Board
  • Collective Bargaining Committee
  • Comité des services en langue française
  • Communications / Political Action Committee
  • Educational Services Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Health & Safety / Workplace Safety Insurance Act Committee
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Parliamentary and Constitution Council
  • Status of Women Committee

Members are encouraged to complete the application on-line rather than downloading the application.  The on-line form has drown down boxes for quick data entry as well as automated features for submitting copies to both Provincial Office and local Provincial Councillors.

You can also go to the Provincial Council page to view additional information regarding Committees and Councils, including the Statement of Needs (PDF).

The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, March 1, 2016.  Applications received after that time will be considered late and applicants will only be considered for appointment if there are insufficient on-time applications for a specific committee or council.


AM Update, How to Talk to Your Administrator, Pink Shirt Day

Attendance Management Update

OSSTF will meet with the Management team on February 4th. Continue to follow the advice of the Federation office and call for support and frequently check your Outlook emails for Updates.

Lisa Gretzky Gives The Education Minister a Failing Grade

The Premier of Ontario asked the Minister of Education for an update on how she is administering the Education Portfolio.

Here is Lisa’s response to Liz Sandals Mandate Letter Response-to-Mandate-Letter-PDF

Personally, I think Lisa’s letter is a far better reflection of the current status of Education.


How to Talk to Your Administrator

I often hear that members are too afraid to address issues with the administrators and would rather work in terrible working conditions than address the issue or call the Federation office for support. Some of us  “Don’t want to ruffle feathers” or “rock the boat” however bringing your concerns forward to your administration goes a long way in addressing workplace issues and reducing workplace stress and keeping the professional lines of communication open.

A  majority of workplace issues can be resolved just by having a conversation.  Here are steps and advice to addressing workplace issues.

As always OSSTF will provide support and advice. We must be informed when issues are not dealt with in a timely manner, if there is a violation of the Collective Agreement, if there is a violation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act or an unwillingness to take your concerns seriously.

Ask for time

Send your principal an email and let them know that you would like some time to discuss your issue. One of the best ways of receiving  a response is written communication with your administrator. Written documentation also provides evidence that you have informally attempted to address your concern with your administrator.

Be Solution Oriented

When speaking up to your administration, resist pointing out problems until you’ve thought through a possible solution. (Understanding this may not always be possible, but administrators may be more apt to deal with an issue if the resolution is prepared for them in advance).  For example,

“There are some inequities in the supervision schedule with Educational Support Staff. and here are some possible ways that the supervision schedule will work and we would be in compliance with the collective agreement”. or

” The issue of workplace violence has been happening more frequently, I think we need additional assistance and support from the Joint Health and Safety committee”

Even if your principal doesn’t have the power to effect the change you’re proposing, you must still propose it to them first. We work in a multi-layered organization it is always advisable to bring the idea to your immediate supervisor be presented to them first for their input.

Remember There’s No ‘I’ in ‘Team’

Keep in mind that you’re part of a group, and use your voice to drive change that will benefit everyone. Solutions that give one Educational Support Staff an advantage over another are to be avoided. Educational Support Staff must work in solidarity and be firm and united in finding solutions that benefit all.


Follow up in Writing

After meeting with your principal, follow up in writing. This provides evidence of what the proposed solution was, what the next steps are and your understanding of any follow up that may be required.



OSSTF is available for support and advice before, during or after a meeting with your administrator. Tracey, Kristen and myself are always a phone call away.

Pink Shirt Day February 24 and Day of Pink on April 13



Pink Shirt Day on February 24 and Day of Pink on April 13 this year provide opportunities to take positive action to end discrimination and bullying while celebrating diversity. Globally, people have been inspired by the actions of a group of students in Nova Scotia following an incident of bullying when a grade 9 student faced homophobic taunts and threats of violence for wearing a pink shirt.

Other students at the school purchased pink t-shirts and wore them as a proud gesture of solidarity, sending a message that homophobia and bullying will not be tolerated. OSSTF/FEESO members take seriously their responsibilities to address all forms of bullying and harassment in our schools and workplaces.

OSSTF/FEESO has produced helpful resources for members including Shout Out against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, and Heterosexism, and Still Not Laughing, a resource that challenges sexual and gender-based harassment in schools, Additional resources are found on the Pink Shirt Day website or the Day of Pink website




Attendance Management and more…

Collective Agreement

The Educational Support Staff met with the Board this past week and there are a number of issues outstanding before we can finalize a document that looks like a Collective Agreement. I estimate that it will take a month (if not more) to have a document that can be printed for members because of the complexity of merging language from the central agreement into our local agreement that forms one document.

For Exclusive Discounts for OSSTF Members visit


Attendance Management

Disclaimer- OSSTF disputes the implementation of the Program, however the Board is moving forward despite the many and varied concerns OSSTF are trying to address. So please read the following information carefully and call the Federation office should you have any questions. 

Click here for Board Attendance Support Board Draft Policy

On Friday, the Board notified the Federation of the names of those members that will enter into the attendance management program. The board has entered any member with over 11 days of absence in the last 12 months  into the attendance management program. So, if you have had more than 11 absences (see below which absences are not included in the 11)  from November 2014-December 31, 2015 you will enter into the program. Initially, the board will meet with members with 17 absences or more, and then later in the year, meet with those members that have greater than 11.

Over the next week or so, members can expect that your principal will call you into an initial meeting and ask about ways to support improved attendance over the next few months. You should contact the Federation office for advice and support prior to meeting with your administrator.

I will attempt to explain Attendance Management programs and how employers use them and information that you should be made aware of prior to entering a meeting with your principal.

Always consult OSSTF about your rights as an employee and PRIOR to meeting with your administrator

In general Attendance Management Programs include:

  •  establishing levels of absenteeism that if exceeded place employees on and advance them through the various stages of the Program (GECDSB Overall Threshold is 11 days)
  • provide various stages that employees will advance through the program.
  • Employees are issued non-disciplinary warnings at each stage that if their attendance does not improve it may result in the dismissal

AMPs are not on their face a breach of the Ontario Human Rights Code. However, such Programs must comply with the Code’s obligation to accommodate disabled employees to the point of undue hardship.

Check Article 19 for Approved Leave Language and use Sick Time only when you are sick. Please don’t come to work when you are sick.

The employer cannot rely on disability related absences unless it has accommodated the employee up to the point of undue hardship

Culpable Absenteeism is defined as an employee that has been absent without medical or other justification

Innocent Absenteeism is defined as an absence that is due to factors beyond the employee’s control such as: illness or injury, or  disability as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code Under these circumstances the employee is not blameworthy therefore disciplinary action is inappropriate

  • There is less protection from dismissal where absence is of the short term, intermittent type or where there is no single cause for absenteeism which could be accommodated
  • There is greater protection from dismissal if part or all of the absences are attributable to a disability.


• Medical Officer Of Health/Public Health Agency Directives
• WSIB/LTD absences
• Documented chronic illness/disability – However, if an
employee is off work for a lengthy period of time with no
reasonable prospect of returning to work then employer could
move to dismiss them for innocent absenteeism
• Scheduled surgery
• Approved collective agreement leaves such as those approved leaves under Article 19
and parental/pregnancy leave
• Statutory leave days such as compassionate leave and emergency leave

  • You have a right to Union Representation at each stage for the AMP
  • Non-disciplinary letters of counselling are provided at each stage
  • Employee may be removed from the program if his or her absenteeism drops below the established threshold or the goals have been met at each Coaching Phase of the AMP
  •  Final step is often dismissal for innocent absenteeism

In summary, use the days provided for in Article 19-Approved Leaves, call in sick when you are sick, and call the Federation office for support and advice.

BRAG on the BLOG

A year ago, an Staci Tipper, Educational Assistant at Mill Street PS  excitedly returned  with information she obtained at a conference she attended in Florida in January 2015.  During this professional development opportunity, she discovered an online resource called Lesson Pix.
LessonPix is an easy-to-use online resource that allows users (teachers, parents, therapists/support staff) to create various customized learning materials which include:
  • Visuals & Classroom Activities
  • Symbol Cards for Communication
  • Custom Games like Bingo
  • AAC Templates & Overlays
  • Articles with great ideas on how to use the materials
  • A “personal tab” which holds a tray of collections for future use, a copy of all materials made, recent searches, and pictures that have been uploaded.
Below are a few samples of resources made using LessonPix

Canadian Law And Justice Concept


Safe and healthy workplaces – it’s the law

(Source-Canadian Labour Congress)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Canada’s health and safety laws have more clout today, following a landmark court ruling in Ontario that saw, for the first time, a manager held criminally responsible and sentenced to prison for actions that resulted in the deaths of four workers under his watch.

Unions worked for years to convince the government of Canada to change the criminal code, so employers who endanger the health and safety of workers would face such a penalty. Inspired by the 1992 explosion and collapse of the Westray mine that killed 26 men, the decade-long campaign to change the law succeeded in 2004.

The Canadian Labour Congress welcomed the Ontario court’s ruling, saying it sends a strong message to employers as well as the managers and supervisors beneath them.

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure safe workplaces and safe work practices. It’s a responsibility that unions have always taken very seriously, but having strong laws that courts are willing to enforce ensures that everyone’s health and safety is protected,” says CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

Unions have worked hard to ensure Canada has some of the strongest laws and regulations aimed at protecting workers from preventable injury, disease, and death. And unions are constantly working to make those laws better.

“Knowing the courts are willing to apply those laws, and hold people to account when they put others at risk, is very good news, even though it took what was a preventable tragedy to make the point. It makes the work that so many people in the labour movement do to make workplaces safer and healthier worth the effort, although we take no joy in seeing someone go to jail. Nor can we forget that four men lost their lives and four families lost a loved one. May they rest in peace,” said Yussuff.



Welcome to 2016

Welcome back …… I hope that everyone had a restful holiday and had a great first week back. The OSSTF ESS Labour Management team (myself, Kristen Garrett-Spanswick, Tracey Roddy, Susan Bolton and Rose Angotti)  will be meeting with the board this week to  discuss the merging of language from the central and local agreements to form our collective agreement. The board processed the lump sum payment for members and we should  have received the  payments on the January 8th pay. Please check your pay stubs. Day to day temporary support staff will also receive their retro-active payments on their next pay as well.  We will continue to provide updates to the membership via our blog and if you have any suggestions or input please feel free to let me know.

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download (1)    OSSTF District 9 represents over 1500 Secondary School Contract and Occasional Teachers, Educational Support Staff, Professional Support Services Personnel, Linc and Employment Counsellors, Continuing Education Instructors. We use the closed group to share information and events that are available for all members of the District.


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Want to win some SWAG?

The First 10 members that email me at with the correct answer (from previous blogs) will be sent OSSTF Swag in the courier.

  1. What have the OMERS contribution rates been set to for 2016?
  2. When is the OSSTF Team walking in the Coldest Night of the Year?


TEE TIME! Member Engagement Presents……

image001 (1)


Retirement Pension Workshops

If you are a qualified teacher you can also sign up for The Teachers Pension Plan workshop, all other members can attend the OMERS workshop.





We make it quick, convenient and easy to access plan member benefit details online. Register for Plan Member Online Services at!

Greenshield Website-Sign up for a chance to win a Mini-Ipad


Brag on the Blog!

We need your ideas and suggestions!

We are starting a new feature on the blog and we are titling it “Brag on the Blog”. We need your help and suggestions to share programming ideas with other members of the bargaining unit. There are a number of unique programming ideas which will help in our roles and we want to share those ideas with everyone through the Educational Support Staff blog….simply send a short description of the program in a WORD document as well as a few pictures to my attention (Martha Hradowy)and I will include the programming idea here on the blog!!

download (1)

Information shared by:
Sue Bolton from Lakeshore Discovery Educational Assistant, Executive Officer Educational Support Staff Executive

The Book Creator app is ideal for making all kinds of books, including children’s picture books, photo books, comic books, journals, textbooks and more.

Perfect for the Classroom:
Book Creator is open-ended, creative and cross curricular, and is one of the most popular iPad apps for teachers across the world.
The app includes a short tutorial that makes it easy to learn how to create any kind of books. It is free to try the app but well worth the $5.79 for unlimited book making and extra creative features.

A social video e-story using Book Creator demonstrates to students appropriate interactions with their bus driver.



– add text, choosing from 50 fonts on the iPad
– Add photos and images from your iPad’s photo library, from the web, or use the iPad’s camera
– Resize, rotate and position images as you like with guidelines and snap positioning
– Add video and music, and even record your voice

– Use the pen tool to draw and annotate your book
– Choose from portrait, landscape or square book sizes
– A quick tap and you’re reading your book in iBooks
See examples of published books at

Support Worker Deaf and Hard of Hearing members could create videos to tell a social story  using Book Creator

I  have included a Book Creator sample below from my LD student about some Mischief Elves. It didn’t take long to create and I was able to print it at school. It was very easy to learn and my student was very happy with the final result.






In this issue…myOMERS

The information contained in this update  is relevant for Temporary Support Staff and Permanent Members and additional information can be found at

Our work is not done as a union as we continue to provide information to members to keep you informed about your entitlements and rights a provided for in the collective agreement.  I encourage you to become involved in anyway possible during the course of the rest of the school year.

I will continue to send informational blogs about the various ways member can continue to become involved  and informed in YOUR Federation as well as continue to send informational updates about politics and those matters affecting education.

What is OMERS?

OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) was established in 1962 as the pension plan for employees of municipal governments, school boards, libraries, police and fire departments, Children’s Aid Societies and other local agencies throughout Ontario.

OMERS Pension

Regardless if you have been hired for one year or 25 years you should inform yourself of our OMERS Pension plan and your eligibility.

You can always contact OMERS for personalized information:   Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  1-800-387-0813

download (2)OSSTF will be holding an OMERS information session on Monday February 8th 4:30pm  at the OSSTF office . 

Did you know the Employer must offer you enrollment in OMERS once you have met the qualifying conditions?

  • All permanent full and part-time employees are automatically enrolled in OMERS as OTCFT (Other than Continuous Full Time). We are OTCFT because we work 10 months of the year.
  • But if you are not required to join OMERS, you may choose to join under certain conditions. (OSSTF encourages you to enroll at your earliest opportunity)
  • As a Temporary Support Staff, the GECDSB must offer you membership in the OMERS plan if in each of two immediately preceding calendar years:
    you worked at least 700 hours, or
    you earned at least 35% of the Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE).
  • For 2015 you would be offered OMERS if you earned ($18,760)
  • As a Temporary Support Staff, please take careful consideration before declining your membership in OMERS. If you think that you may be eligible for OMERS please  contact the Payroll Department or Human Resources.


  • Once you join the OMERS plan, you cannot opt out. You can only end your OMERS membership if you leave your employer and transfer your benefit out of the plan.

Contributions rates for 2016 have been set at 9%. download (3)

Contributions from members and employers, together with OMERS investment returns, fund the pensions that members receive.

Click here to view 2016 Contribution Rates

Ready to get started?

Click here to register for myOMERS

Register for myOMERS

To register for myOMERS, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your OMERS membership/reference number, which can be found on the first page of your annual Pension Report if you’re an active member, your Annual Statement of Pension if you’re a retired member, or other personal documents from OMERS
  • The last three digits of your social insurance number

Watch the sign-up demo