Hold Back Pay, School Year Calendar and More

Statement from Lisa Gretzky on the Potential Closure of Provincial Schools

Today families filled the gallery, boardrooms and grounds at Queen’s Park to fight for their children’s future. It’s frustrating that rather than recognize the value of these schools and ensure they are there for future generations, the government is set to balance their books on the backs of our most vulnerable children.

Each day the future of these schools is in jeopardy causes undue stress and frustration to families. Parents should not be forced, again and again, to fight for their children’s future. New Democrats stand with families and education workers and will continue to fight for the future of these schools.

Statement from Monique Taylor NDP Critic Ministry of Youth and Children Services regarding the cuts of funded IBI Therapy for Children diagnosed with Autism

April 14, 2016
Liberal government continues to dodge pleas from families with children with ASD: NDP
QUEEN’S PARK — Today in the legislature, Ontario NDP Children and Youth critic, Monique Taylor, continued to press the Liberal government to reverse its decision to cut funding for crucial therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) aged five and over.
“The minister has to live with her funding decision that will leave kids with ASD with higher rates of behavioural difficulties and possibly worse: institutionalization, a life confined to a room or even their own bed,” said Taylor, MPP for Hamilton Mountain. “We’ve seen what this looks like and it’s devastating. This is not the future for kids with ASD deserve in this province.”
Though more than 200 parents came to the Ontario Legislature to make their voices heard on the minister’s autism funding mistake, Deb Matthews, both the President of the Treasury Board and the Deputy Premier, made no reference to their efforts in her answer.
“The families and kids in this province know where the problems are coming from,” said Taylor.
“In the end, this minister holds the responsibility for the books. Where are her priorities? Why are they not helping some of our most vulnerable kids? Why is she trying to balance the books on the backs of kids with ASD? Will the President of the Treasury Board please explain to families of kids with children with ASD over the age of five why she doesn’t think they’re worth helping?” asked Taylor.

School Year Calendar 2016-2017

The Final School Year Calendar has been released. The details of the Elementary Calendar will be posted on the Team Site, so please check there for specifics.

FINAL School Year Calendar Dates 2016 2017

Hold Back Pay

The Board and OSSTF-ESS had signed a letter of understanding during negotiations providing Educational Support Staff alternate pay options. The attached form explains the alternate pay option that is available to you. If you are choosing Option 2, the attached form needs to be completed and forwarded to the attention of Natalie Keirl

This alternate pay option is only available for permanent Educational Support Staff. It is not available for TSS or TSS-LT.

• Beginning the first pay in September employees shall be deducted 12.5% per bi-weekly pay.

• Monies withheld shall be paid on the last pay in June.

• Monies withheld shall not be paid at any other time than the last pay in June, unless the employee is removed from pay

• If an employee is removed from pay for any reason (ie) Leave of Absence money withheld shall be paid out. In the event an employee is removed from pay and has an overpayment of salary, such overpayment will be processed and deducted from any applicable withheld refund.

• During the course of the school year the employee is not permitted to change the pay schedule.




Ontario workers are increasingly trapped in precarious part-time, temporary, contract and subcontracted jobs, as employers
in every sector drive down wages and working conditions.

Today, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to make sweeping changes to Ontario’s labour laws.

Ontario’s outdated labour law is failing to protect workers …

It’s time to MAKE IT FAIR!

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Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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