AMPA Update,Attendance Management, Taking Your Gratuity Early

Watch President Paul Elliott’s address to Delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Provincial AssemblyPaul

President Paul Elliott’s address to delegates

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Effective July 1, 2016 OSSTF will begin collecting an additional dedicated strike fund levy at 0.3% of member pay in preparation for Bargaining.


Delegates passed a motion last weekend to approve a 0.3-per-cent levy to increase our member-protection account. The fund is used to cover strike pay and assist members in the event of job action. The fund intends to raise about  $10-million a year and would kick in any time the balance of the member-protection account falls below $140-million.

It is clear throughout the discussion that many leaders (including myself) felt that in light of the new Central bargaining process and the eventuality of central job actions OSSTF must be prepared to take job action in the event that negotiations falter. More information will be provided to our reps at the next scheduled rep meeting in April.

It is important to note that the additional levy of .7% will cease on June 30th for members and the 0.3% will be implemented.

Attendance Management Update

Kristen and I met with the board on Tuesday March 8th. In attendance at the meeting were representatives from all bargaining units within the Board, all Disability Management officers, the Coordinator of Human Resources and Superintendent Paul Antaya.  We were very clear to the board that the participation in the meeting in no way constitutes agreement with the implementation of the plan, and our participation in the meeting was to raise our concerns and receive information to share with our members.


The Board shared the following information with members.

  •  Clear Communication will be shared before April 1st to all employees about the Attendance Management program and the Board expectations about attendance
  • The policy will be “tweaked”
  • The BAR remains at 11 days in a 12 working month rolling period
  • The date to begin capturing absences will be September 1, 2015 (not November 2014)
  • a refresh of the program will be communicated to members
  • 5 days or more with substantiated medical do not count towards the accumulation of absences.
 I have no further information to share at this time, however once I do, I will be sure to communicate it to the membership as soon as possible.
I intend to meet with our Executive on March 23rd and the Executive will determine our next steps.

Taking your Gratuity Early?

Educators Financial is here advise you in whether it is in your best interest to take your gratuity early. (The process has yet to be determined for OSSTF members, however it is not to early to plan and prepare your options.)
Click on the Link below to read more information about taking the Early Payout

Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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