March Break Medical, AM Update, OMERS for Long Terms

March Break Medical Note

OSSTF-ESS has filed a grievance because the Board is requiring members to submit medical documentation if an absence occurs prior to and after the March Break. We must let the grievance process take its course, however in the meantime you must follow the board direction to submit medical. We believe the board does not have the ability to ask for medical as a blanket policy, rather they do have the right if they believe employees are using sick time inappropriately or are being fraudulent. We will keep the membership updated on the status of this grievance. Click here to view HR Memo March Break Absences


Our OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Website has just changed. You will now need to register for an account with us to access some of the content on our website. Members and non-Members can register an account – it’s easy. You will also be able to recover your password more easily. For OSSTF/FEESO members, you will be able to access Members Only content through a new feature called “myOSSTF”. Find out more about the changes to our website.


Registering an Account
Both active OSSTF/FEESO members and members of the general public interested in knowing more about OSSTF/FEESO can register an account by following these steps


Go to the Members’ Login page
Click the Register Now link
Fill in the information required, including your name, email and create a password, and click the Sign Up button. Note that your password must be at least 6 characters, including at least one letter, one number and one uppercase letter
An email will be sent to the email address you entered. Click the Confirm Registration link in the email within 48 hours

Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly

OSSTF/FEESO conducts an Annual Meeting of the Provincial Assembly (AMPA) with representatives from all its bargaining units each March.
The Provincial Assembly is the supreme legislative body of OSSTF/FEESO and is responsible for establishing or amending Federation policies, bylaws, constitutions, budgets, the annual Action Plan and for the election of the Provincial Executive and OTF Governors. AMPA begins Saturday March 12 and ends Monday March 14th . Your AMPA delegates for 2016 are Martha Hradowy, Kristen Garrett-Spanswick, Tracey Roddy, Kim Gordon, Irene Taylor, Danielle Godin, Christina Matyi, Treasure Zahorouski. For a full copy of the on-time resolutions you can visit AMPA Resolutions and Agenda

What’s Up with Supply Coverage??

We have had several inquiries about the availability of supplies. We are aware the the Board is short. They have scheduled an orientation session for Wednesday of this week and we are welcoming a number of new hires to the bargaining unit. This should help alleviate the shortage.

It is my understanding that the board hired a number of Temporary Support Staff to the Occasional Teaching list a month ago consequently removing a number of available day to day Temporary Support Staff.

Attendance Management Update

A meeting has been scheduled with all Presidents of all Bargaining Units and the Board for Tuesday March 8, 2016. OSSTF-ESS has raised a number of issues with the Board. We are hopeful that the board has listened to our concerns and will be prepared to accept the changes we recommended and that those recommendations will make the process easier to understand and less restrictive on our members rights. Our grievance on this matter is currently held in abeyance pending the outcome of Tuesdays meeting.

OMERS for Members in Long Terms

On Thursday,  we received notice from the Board that they intend to enrol members in Long Terms into the pension plan!

The central agreement outlines that members who work 35 hours per week over 10 months will automatically be enrolled into the pension plan. Locally, we believed that language was intended to include those members working in long terms. This would effectively remove the requirement for the 700 hour qualifying period over 2 years to optionally enrol in OMERS, therefore making enrolment mandatory for long terms.

The Board will be required to pass a formal motion to change the terms of reference at an upcoming Board meeting due to the language negotiated centrally.

OSSTF believes that a defined pension plan like OMERS is in members long term interest to receiving secure retirement income when they retire. For more information about OMERS you can visit our previous blog In this issue…myOMERS

I will certainly provide more information to affected members as the details become available. It would be unfair not to recognize the hard work of our provincial office staff in helping to achieve this significant improvement for our Temporary Support Staff.

Bowl for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Another s12042698_10153803290495266_2402229371493174849_nsuccessful community event in the books. Special thanks to Annalisa Fusaro ,
Nataly Barakat , Nicole Jackson, Jennifer Kailer, Jenn Marcoux, and Caitlin Wagar for putting our team together and raising funds for such a great cause!


Our next Community Outreach Event is scheduled for Sunday May 1, 2016 in Support of Kids Help Phone. Click here to register individually or as a school. We will be handing out OSSTF Swag and contributing to a great cause! Click Here to Join the OSSTF Team in support of Kids Help Phone GetImage.png

In the Legislature this Week


Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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