Tentative Local Agreement has been reached

Tentative Local Agreement Reached

A Tentative Local Agreement has been reached between OSSTF District 9 Educational Support Staff and the Greater Essex County District School Board. A deal was reached in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The OSSTF-ESS D9 Executive along with the Collective Bargaining Committee met and unanimously voted to recommend that the the Local deal be brought to members for ratification.

We are pleased  to reach a local agreement and present the deal to the membership on the same night as Provincial office will present the Central deal.

OSSTF must conduct 2 separate and distinct meetings.

  • One meeting and vote for the Tentative Local Agreement and
  • One meeting and vote for the Tentative Central Agreement.

We are holding BOTH Ratification votes on Wednesday December 9th beginning at 4:15pm at Torino’s in Tecumseh

The agenda has been sent to members to your external email address. Our local constitution indicates that voting must take place at the meeting and that that there will be no proxy voting.

It is proper process and form that the Chief Negotiator go through the local changes.

Members  will have an opportunity to ask questions and then  will vote on local deal.

The local vote will conclude at 5:15pmvote_image

We will then have a short break and the Central Ratification meeting will begin at 5:30pm

President’s and Chief Negotiators from the affected Support Staff bargaining units met in Toronto last week and have recommended that the Tentative Central Deal be forwarded to members for ratification.

Provincial Office will present the tentative central deal. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions, then the vote will take place. It is expected that the voting will conclude by 7:30pm.

If you are required to get a babysitter or dependant care. OSSTF will reimburse members for the cost of dependent care to allow you to attend the meeting.

Childcare/Dependant Care Guidelines

Childcare / Dependant Care Guidelines
 Childcare or dependant care expenses to allow members to attend authorized OSSTF/FEESO activities will be reimbursed at the Ontario minimum wage for adults. The rate will be $11.25

Dependant Care is not limited to just Childcare, if you require someone to stay with a dependent, OSSTF will reimburse costs that you may incur to attend the meeting

 The maximum reimbursement for a the meeting will be 3 hours regardless of the number of dependants.
 Reimbursements will not normally be made to immediate family members, including parents and siblings.
 Receipts from the childcare or dependant care provider must be provided.



Accommodation Requests

If you require special accommodations to attend or participate in the meeting, please email Martha Hradowy  by 12pm noon Tuesday December 8th, 2015.



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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