A Central Deal Has Been Reached

It has been 443 long days without a central agreement, and an agreement was reached early Friday morning with the Council of Trustees and the Crown.  Kristen Garrett-Spanswick (OSSTF 1st Vice President and Chief Negotiator) will be travelling to Toronto on Monday November 30th,2015 to hear the details of the agreement and to vote to recommend that the deal be forwarded to the membership for ratification. Details of our next steps will be shared with members as it becomes available. It is important to note, that members in District 9 ESS will still continue in legal strike action until a local agreement has been reached. That means that all strike actions will continue until further notice! Members will have an opportunity to vote on both the central agreement and the local agreement.

OSSTF-ESS Local Bargaining Dates are December 1, 2, 7 and 18th.

As outlined in the provisions of the School Board Collective Bargaining Act, a full collective agreement will not be enforced until a local deal has been reached. We are hoping the board will see the value in bringing peace and stability to the local school board and remove strips from the table in order to achieve modest increases for our members. Your OSSTF table team is prepared to reach a collective agreement, let’s hope the board is. If you haven’t already signed up for text messaging updates, please do so…it is a way to receive the information instantaneously to your cell phone.


  1. Send your text to(289) 807-1312

    This is the phone number we created so people can join OSSTF-ESS without seeing your personal information.

  2. Text the message @osst

    This is the  for OSSTF-ESS. can. You always use @osst to join this group.


Day of Remembrance and Action for Violence Against Women

This is a friendly reminder to please send me pictures of your school’s December 6th Day of Remembrance and Action for Violence Against Women display. I want to send these pictures to provincial office for possible inclusion in OSSTF’s provincial newsletter.YWCA-Dec6-Eng_grande

You can post them directly to the OSSTF Facebook page

Click here to join OSSTF District 9 Facebook page


Ontario Federation of Labour Bi-Annual Convention

Members of OSSTF are affiliated with the Ontario Federation of Labour. We are very proud that Irene Taylor, a Child and Youth Worker at Riverside served the last 4 years on the Executive Board as the Worker of Colour Vice President.

Irene has decided not to run for the position again, however has committed to ensuring our local bargaining unit and District continues to outreach and engage not only workers of colour, members with disabilities, members who identify as LBGTQ, members who are women, but all OSSTF-ESS members to ensure we are doing everything we can to represent the interest of all members in their daily working lives.

What is the Ontario Federation of Labour?

Click here to receive updates from the OFL. Are you interested in getting involved??  Locally, members meet the second Tuesday of every month at Unifor Local 200/444 at 6:30pm to listen to and support other local unions and organizations at the Windsor and District Labour Council meetings. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and I can ensure either Irene or myself will meet you there. No experience is necessary…all members are welcome. The next Windsor And District Labour Council meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2015.

Just as workers unite in a union to protect their rights, so also do unions unite in central labour bodies to fight for better working and living conditions. The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is the province’s “house of labour” and serves as an umbrella group for working people and their unions.

OSSTF is a proud affiliated member of the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress.

The OFL pushes for legislative change in every area that affects people’s daily lives, including health, education, workplace safety, minimum wage and other employment standards, human rights, women’s rights, workers’ compensation, and pensions. It also makes regular presentations and submissions to the Ontario government and mounts internal and public awareness campaigns to mobilize the kind of political pressure that secures positive change for all workers – whether or not they belong to a union.

Irene Taylor, Child and Youth Worker speaking  to workers about the importance of getting involved in OSSTF.


In order to accomplish these goals, the OFL works with affiliated local unions and labour councils in local and regional areas across the province, but perhaps most importantly, the OFL proudly partners with other community and social justice organizations to build a strong economy and inclusive society that meets everyone’s needs. (information courtesty of the OFL website www.ofl.ca)

Winter Warmth



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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