General Membership Meeting October 8th, 2015 4:30pm Ciociaro Club Oldcastle Ontario

imagesA General Membership Meeting has been called for Thursday October 8th, 2015 at the Ciociaro Club at 4:30pm.

This membership meeting will provide an opportunity for members to have your questions answered about sanctions and will provide clarification to members about the status of negotiations. As a reminder here are the list of central sanctions for Educational Support Staff represented by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation of District 9. In the meantime, any questions of clarification must be sent to Kristen Garrett-Spanswick, Chief Negotiator OSSTF-ESS 12004080_10153598522286303_7739306168959106245_nEvery Friday is Federation Friday. 12002977_10153598522251303_1096505899903986127_nAs a show of Solidarity OSSTF members are asked to wear their OSSTF gear or blue and gold. 

Effective Monday October 5, 2015


  •  taking all breaks when scheduled
  •  taking a full lunch period at the scheduled time away from their work station
  •  turning off radios/walkie-talkies/cell phones during all breaks.

Support Staff members will NOT:

• attend staff meetings
• attend group/department/job class meetings
• participate in any meetings that occur beyond the regular school/work day
• attend central (board) committee meetings/councils with the exception of Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings, unless it is a duty as outlined in the job description
• attend School Community Council meetings

Professional Development
• create professional development/training seminars or present at professional development seminars unless it is a duty as outlined in the job description. This excludes the delivery of Behaviour Management System Training to other members because it is considered a Health and Safety matter.

Support Staff members will NOT:
Ministry Initiatives
• participate in School Effectiveness Framework activities, ie ) S4 meetings for Child and Youth Workers
• participate in any aspect of School or Board Improvement Plans
• participate in any committees or work groups (includes but not limited to SEAC, BPIC, Mental Health Committee/Leads, Poverty Framework Committee)
• complete Ministry reports unless it is a duty outlined in the job description
• participate in any activities associated with EQAO/OSSLT, including administration, scribing and marking of tests
• participate in any new Ministry of Education Initiatives

Administrative Assistance
• provide coverage for absent administrators/supervisors/managers
• file EQAO/OSSLT results
• provide equipment maintenance unless scheduled through work orders (exception hearing devices for students)
• provide service without complete, signed consents and referrals (including Physical Intervention that is part of a Behaviour/Safety Plan, signed consent must be obtained)
• complete work that should be done by a teacher or administrator
• input marks/report comments electronically
• photocopy and/or distribute Board documents
• handle money
• contact outside agencies for service that is not directly related to student learning and well-being (for example, Waste management, blue boxes)
• take any responsibility for administration or distribution of keys
• call students to the office
• print report cards or student schedules
• assist with student registration (including Full Day Kindergarten registration)
Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
• monitor or control entry to the building

• participate in parent interviews/meetings outside of the regularly scheduled school day
• engage in work-related email after the end of the working day, or before the beginning of the working day
• engage in community liaison work beyond regular work hours
• use personal electronic devices for Board business at any time
• keep employer-owned electronic devices turned on beyond the end of the work day (unless on paid overtime)
• attend meet-the-teacher events outside the regularly scheduled school day
• answer phones before or after the regular working day or during breaks
• assist with maintenance of school/work-related web sites, newsletters, bulletin boards, classroom blogs

Support Staff members will NOT:
Coverage for absent colleagues
• provide replacement/coverage for absent colleagues (only Temporary Support Staff will conduct this work)
• do the work of/accept assignments of an absent colleague or an absent member of another Bargaining Unit
• call in replacement worker for own absence (may continue to use TESS)
• engage in additional unscheduled student supervision

Additional Responsibilities
• accept additional assignment pay in the form of lieu time
• supervise students sent to the office for discipline
• transport students (in ones one vehicle)
• make bank deposits, pick-up/deliver mail outside of regular work hours
• provide setup/tear down of community functions
• be available to open or close schools after hours unless on paid overtime
• conduct lice checks
• provide after-hours assistance with catering services orders
• transport school equipment in a personal vehicle (including board owned laptops)
• engage in work-related travel outside of regularly scheduled work hours
• provide workshops or conduct student groups (example, social skills, anger management) outside the regular school day
• begin work day at any location other than central/”home” location
• setup classrooms outside regular work hours
• use any personal tools or equipment for employer business
• complete monthly inspections (with the exception of Health and Safety inspections)
• set up or take down for Federal elections

In addition, support staff members MAY:
• picket at lunch (voluntary)
• participate in “Federation Fridays’ Every Friday OSSTF members may wear blue/yellow (OSSTF colours) or OSSTF Tshirts or Federation wear
• direct all inquiries from the public to Principal or Director


The following information has been prepared to answer some of the questions that may arise. The questions and answers are general in nature. If you need advice specific to your situation, or if you have other questions, please contact the Bargaining Unit President.
Question 1: If the school day is altered to accommodate a staff meeting, do I have to attend?
No. Staff meetings are struck regardless of when they are scheduled.
Question 2: Can I participate in meetings of an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) process as a staff representative?
No. Only Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings are exempt from the withdrawal from all central/Board meetings.
Question 3: I am a PSSP member who must attend central meetings at the Board office as part of my job duties. Can I still do this?
Yes, if such meetings are a duty outlined in your job description.
Question 4: Each year the Board provides mandatory training to members during a PD day. Can I attend?
Yes. If you require specialized training in order to do your job, and it’s paid training (not lieu time), then you should participate.
Question 5: Can I present a PD workshop at a Board PD event?
Only if it is paid work that is an expectation of your job description. The topic must not support School or Board Improvement Plans, Board initiatives or Ministry of Education initiatives.
Question 6: EAs in my school are often assigned to work with students during EQAO testing. Can we still do this?
All aspects of EQAO testing have been struck. If an administrator assigns you to this work, contact your Bargaining Unit president.

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This message is directed solely to the person named above and may not otherwise be distributed, copied or disclosed. The contents of this message may also be subject to solicitor/client privilege, and if so, all rights to that privilege are expressly claimed and not waived. If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately by telephone at 519-948-7570 and delete or destroy it without further distribution. Thank you for your assistance. Please consider the Environment before printing this email.

Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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