Summer Update #2- Bargaining and More!

Summer is coming to an end and we will be back to school before you know it! As a friendly reminder, all Permanent and Long Term Members are to report to their schools on Thursday September 3rd!!

Before School starts I would strongly encourage all members to attend the Labour Day parade for an hour on Monday September 7th.  Our President Paul Elliott will be in attendance on Labour Day in Windsor and we need a strong show of support as we enter into negotiations in the (1)

OSSTF Members will meet on Monday, September 7, 2015 at 9:45 a.m. at the Unifor Local 200/444 (Turner Road) and we will march to the Fogolar Furlan Club where President Paul Elliott will address the crowd.

Directions to Unifor Local 200/444



This past week I spent time at the OSSTF Summer Leadership.

OSSTF/FEESO’s annual Leadership Training focuses activities to assist local leaders in providing effective service to members and to implement the OSSTF/FEESO Annual Action Plan. I attended workshops that addressed current educational issues, local, and provincial political involvement, as well as other issues facing District and Bargaining Unit leaders. It was an excellent learning experience and I want to share with you a few of the highlights from the conference.

On Thursday, I was very pleased to wake up to the news that the OSSTF Secondary School Teachers had reached a central agreement with the government and Ontario Public School Board Association.  I was eager to hear from our President  about the details of the agreement and next steps for bargaining with support staff.  During his update he reported that the Provincial Executive has confirmed Central Bargaining Dates for Educational Support Staff. The dates are August 28th, September 23,24, and 25th.

At this time, the central sanction of extra-curriculars has been suspended for all OSSTF members.

Click here to listen to President Paul Elliott’s Summer Leadership Address and Collective Bargaining Update


The School Board Collective Bargaining Act  

I want to write a bit of information to help members better understand the School Board Collective Bargaining Act.By clicking on the link below you can access up to date information on Bargaining and full details about the School Board Collective Bargaining Act. If you want detailed information about the Act you can Click here to access the Member Protected Space (Call the Database department at 1-800-267-7867 for your password)

As a summary, there are 2 separate agreements to be negotiated.

  • A Central Table Agreement- (deals with all issues that involve funding from the government) Representatives from the Provincial Office, the Council of Trustees, and the government negotiate these items in Toronto.The dates for Central Bargaining are August 28th, September 23,24, and 25th.
  • A Local Table Agreement (deals with all other items not negotiated at the Central Table) Representatives from Provincial Office, The Greater Essex County District School Board and the local OSSTF-ESS Table Team negotiate these items in Windsor.The tentative dates for Local Bargaining are  September 16, October 9, 21,22
  • Each agreement must be negotiated independent of one another.
  • Each agreement must be ratified by the membership  to constitute a full collective agreement.
  • Both must be ratified for a full agreement to come into effect.

We don’t have a full agreement without both a central and locally negotiated agreement.  Members have the opportunity to vote and ratify both agreements once they are reached.

OSSTF-ESS is in Resumption of Bargaining……..What does “Resumption of Bargaining” mean?

Resumption of bargaining means that provincial office is officially responsible for bargaining both our central and local agreements

As we move to achieve a central and local deal Jo Dean, our Provincial Office Liaison is responsible for all official communication and bargaining as it pertains to District 9 ESS.

Jo Dean, Provincial OSSTF Provincial Executive member and Chairperson OSSTF-ESS Table Team

So,  if you hear Jo Dean on the radio or quoted in the paper, please know that she is the key spokesperson for the bargaining unit during negotiations. Jo is a skilled negotiator and is the former D9 Teacher Bargaining Unit President. She has worked with the OSSTF-ESS D9 bargaining unit for  a many years.

Jo is is very familiar with our bargaining unit and our work. She is definite asset to our table team and to our membership.

The table team for Educational Support Staff District 9 is

  • Jo Dean, Chairperson of the Table Team (and Executive Officer for Provincial Office)
  • Chris Goodsir, Executive Assistant, Provincial Office
  • Kristen Garrett-Spanswick, Chief Negotiator
  • Martha Hradowy, President
  • Suzanne Sartor, Table Team Member
  • Treasure Zahorouski, Table Team Member
  • Melodie Snary, Table Team Member

I trust you will find this summary helpful and of course if you have any questions please use my external email address only

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you on Labour Day



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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