Summer Update #1

I hope that everyone is enjoying their time with family and friends.


It is with a heavy heart that I share that Timothy Klein, Educational Assistant at Walkerville HS passed away. Tim attended OSSTF meetings when he could and we can’t thank him enough for his support as an Educational Support Staff member.  We will be initiating the Mutual Security Fund (pass the hat) in September when we return to help his family with any expenses they may have.  Our  sincerest condolences to the Walkerville Staff and the many members Tim has worked with during his career with the GECDSB.

Timothy Klein, EA Walkerville SS
Timothy Klein, EA Walkerville SS



All members are strongly encouraged to attend for an hour on Monday September 7th as a sign of solidarity. Our President Paul Elliott will be in attendance on Labour Day in Windsor and we need a strong show of support as we enter into the fall in support of (1)

OSSTF Members will meet on Monday, September 7, 2015 at 9:45 a.m. at the Unifor Local 200/444 (Turner Road) and we will march to the Fogolar Furlan Club where President Paul Elliott will address the crowd.

Directions to Unifor Local 200/444

External Email Updates- Central Strike Actions

We have been communicating important updates to ESS members via your external email address. When we send bulk emails sometimes email accounts will automatically send it to the 1297700493053_ORIGINALTrash or Junk email folder. If you are not receiving emails please check the junk or trash, and add us as a safe sender. If you still are not receiving the emails, please update your external email address and email Tracey Roddy




Did you know that you can receive important updates via text message? You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, ‘unsubscribe @osst’.

Enter this number  (289) 807-1312cell-phone

Text this message @osst





I have received a number of questions about the job search requirements for Employment Insurance Benefits. Here are some frequently asked questions, and as always if you require more information you can go to ( information courtesy of the servicecanada website)



1. Do I need the employer to validate my job search effort?

No. Employers do not need to sign your job search form or provide you with a letter confirming that you had applied for a job.

You are responsible for keeping detailed records that you are making reasonable and customary efforts to obtain suitable employment.

You should not pay for proof of your job search and if asked you should refuse.

2. Why am I required to provide evidence of my job search efforts?

While receiving EI regular benefits, you have always been required to be actively searching for suitable employment and to provide evidence of your job search effort when asked.

3. Will I be asked to provide proof of my job search efforts at another time, other than at a claimant information session?

Yes. While receiving EI regular benefits, you must be actively seeking work and documenting the details of your job search efforts. Under the provisions of the EI Act, you may be required to prove that you are making reasonable and customary efforts to obtain suitable employment at any time during your EI benefit period.

Keep a copy of this information in a safe place as we could ask you to provide it at any time within six years of your claim.

4. What evidence is required in a job search? Do I need to keep a copy of every job I considered, have applied for, what sites I have gone to, every newspaper I have scanned?

While collecting EI regular benefits, keep records of your job search efforts including the date, names of employers you have contacted, the type of work sought and the results.

Job search activities could include:

  • assessing employment opportunities
  • preparing a resume or cover letter
  • registering for job search tools or with electronic job banks or employment agencies
  • attending job search workshop or job fairs
  • networking
  • contacting prospective employers
  • submitting job applications
  • attending interviews
  • undergoing evaluations of competencies

5. Am I required to subscribe to the Job Alerts service on Job Bank?

No. Subscribing to Job Alerts is not a mandatory requirement, however it is highly recommended. It is a free service that sends you up to two emails a day with new available job postings in your area which can be used to enhance and demonstrate your job search efforts. Job Alerts also present related occupations and other relevant labour market information that can help you conduct and expand your search

I will provide updates in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if there is a topic of interest you would like me to cover in the blog. I would be more than happy to incorporate any suggestions from you!

In solidarity always



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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