Update #4

The end of the school year is in sight, but OSSTF is not winding down..

Coming this week

Monday June 22, OSSTF Family BBQ before the Fireworks 547 Victoria Avenue 5:30 pm

Wednesday June 24, Melodie Snary’s Retirement Open House Ambassador Golf 4:30pm

Rally for Education

This past Tuesday we had our Rally for Education to remind the Trustees, that they need to put some pressure on OPSBA (Ontario Public School Board Association) to get a deal done and to remove the strips from the table.

Christine, Jennifer and Danielle from Queen Victoria
Christine, Jennifer and Danielle from Queen Victoria

We also hoped that the trustees would have used their roles to stand up and defend public education. It is extremely disappointing that the board of Trustees unanimously passed a budget that eliminated 21 Early Childhood Educator positions, Support Worker Deaf and Hard of Hearing positions and Special Education Resource Rooms. By passing the budget unanimously, it shows that the

local trustees truly have no voice to influence provincial policies and direction nor do they want to use their positions to do so.

OSSTF Members Rally outside of the School Board
OSSTF Members Rally outside of the School Board

I was hopeful that at least a few trustees would  have spoke up to defend public education, but hopes were diminished Tuesday night when they all voted to eliminate direct services to students and to increase the compensation budget line of Senior Administration.  Their actions speak volumes as to where they believe savings can be found and that is at the expense of our youngest, neediest learners.  Trustees, if your reading this …..It is time for you to put away your rubber stamp and start speaking out to defend public education and stop dismantling it.

As OSSTF members, we need to continue to stand in solidarity and protect public education and I am proud of all of the members that came out and supported the rally. If you couldn’t make this event, I respectfully request that you commit to attending one OSSTF meeting, member engagement activity, community event or workshop in 2015-2016. You won’t be disappointed in what your union has to offer.

Message from President Paul Elliott

This week you would have received a very important message from our President Paul Elliott. His message highlights actions to be taken by  ALL OSSTF members once we are in a legal strike position.

President OSSTF Paul Elliott

Get your OSSTF member Number to login and click here to watch President Paul Elliott’s message to members




A few words for the Premier

I received a message Thursday night  from Randy Simpraga OPSEU Local 135 letting me know that Kathleen Wynne would be in town on Friday.  Randy represents correctional officers at the Southwest Detention Centre and he wanted to know if I would be interested in greeting Kathleen Wynne on Friday with a small protest.  It is important to note, that our brothers and sisters represented by Marthaother public sector unions are also having their collective agreements gutted by the Ontario Liberals.

So when he asked, How could I say no??  What we never could have never predicted is that the Premier  would stop and talk to the both of us. I took the opportunity to reminded her to remove strips from the table, and to let know that FDK needs to be properly funded and that cuts to special education were not acceptable.

OSSTF-, CUPE and OPSEU greet Kathleen Wynne on Friday
OSSTF-, CUPE and OPSEU greet Kathleen Wynne on Friday


I want to thank Kristen Garrett-Spanswick and Tracey Roddy for attending the demonstration on behalf of OSSTF= ESS and for having the voices of Educational Support Staff District 9 heard.

Employment Insurance 

That time of year again where we have to actively seek alternative employment during periods of layoff. I become increasingly annoyed every summer when we have recall dates that we need to jump through unnecessary hoops in order to obtain EI Benefits. Please make sure you are aware of your obligations by visiting the Service Canada Website. You must keep a record of your job search efforts as you can be called to a meeting in which you will be asked to produce proof of your job search efforts . The group code for Summer filing is  3511012015201506 Effective: 19 Jun 2015 Expiry: 24 Jul 2015. Below is a resource developed by OSSTF for members to use as a guide.

Employment Insurance Guide for OSSTF Members

Have a wonderful last week of work

In solidarity always,



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

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