Hello Educational Support Staff!! Welcome to our BLOG!


Welcome to the Educational Support Staff of District 9 blog. Here you will find updates on information that directly affects you as an ESS member in the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 9. I will use this blog to share information, commonly asked questions and general feedback I receive from members. So here it goes, my first shot at blogging.

Everyone has been asking “Where is the pink Binder”? Answer…hopefully in the recycle bin…..all of the information in the binder is now contained on the OSSTF-ESS Team Site…the team site contains the seniority lists, EI Codes, Staffing forms, Benefits booklet etc…It is the new “pink binder”  and is frequently updated and accessible online

Click on the link below to access the OSSTF-ESS Team Site (The Online Pink Binder)


The Online Pink Binder

In case you missed it, several bargaining bulletins were sent to your external email addresses this week. Please check your external email addresses or check the member only site. If you don’t have your password for the Members Only Site please email the database department at     osstf-member-help@osstf.ca


Wynne Wednesday June 3rd, 2015

We had our first Wynne Wednesday this past week, many ESS members participated in Wynne Wednesday by wearing their OSSTF colours blue and gold or their OSSTF wear. I encourage you to wear your blue and gold again this Wednesday June 3rd and send me pictures via our District Facebook Page . Click here to direct you to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/326885654823/

Queen Victoria ESS participating in Wynne Wednesday
Queen Victoria ESS participating in Wynne Wednesday
ESS Executive member for 2015-2016 Sue Bolton participating in Wynne Wednesday at Lakeshore Discovery
Tec Vista
Tecumseh Vista
Wynne Wed
Talbot Trail PS
Kingsville Public School

Upcoming this week

This week will be a very busy one for us.

Tracey Roddy, 2nd Vice President Elect will be begin coming into the office this month on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays as she begins to transition into her new role. This week she will join us as an observer at the bargaining table on Tuesday. She will assist with staffing on Wednesday and Melodie will begin to train Tracey in her new role to ease in the transition into the bargaining unit.

Monday and Tuesday of this week your table team (Kristen Garrett-Spanswick, Melodie Snary, Treasure Zahorouski, Suzanne Sartor, and myself) will be meeting with the board to continue with local bargaining. This is will be our 3rd and 4th day of local bargaining. We are hopeful for productive movement from the board, however we have a long way to go given their brief contains some significant concerns for the bargaining unit. We will share more information after these 2 days of bargaining this week. We also have booked a further date of June 11, 2015 for local negotiations.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Melodie, Kristen and Tracey will be in staffing with the board.  We are very concerned about the impact of the job loss in our bargaining unit for the upcoming September.

Including ECE’s we are down 28 jobs in total for September.

The Liberal austerity agenda is hitting our bargaining unit and many other support staff bargaining units across the province. We have been working hard with our local MPP Lisa Gretzky and she has been doing an excellent job addressing our concerns in the legislature. We need to continue to work together  to ensure we are working within our job descriptions to ensure greater job protection in the future and to speak to our family and friends about how the Wynne government is intent on gutting public education and how we need to stand together to defend it.

Watch MPP Lisa Gretzky mention Greater Essex ESS and our job loss in the Legislature.


Friday June 5th PD Day

The bargaining unit has not been made aware of any group PD for this upcoming Friday. If you have been notified to receive your BMST training you are to attend as required. There has been a bit of a hiccup this time, as we believe some emails were sent out to members who may already received the training asking them to attend June 5th. If .you have received the email notification and you have already attended the training this year, please email Tim McCarthy directly and he will correct that for you.


SAVE  the DATE Thursday June 11, 2015 District Annual Meeting, please RSVP your attendance to office@osstf9.com

Enjoy your week

In solidarity always



Author: Martha Hradowy

President of the Educational Support Staff Bargaining Unit District 9

4 thoughts on “Hello Educational Support Staff!! Welcome to our BLOG!”

  1. Martha love this it is very easy to read and get info. You wrote including ECE’s we are done 28 jobs. Does that mean we are down more than the original 21 ECE jobs or is that number other job classifications? Thanks


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